Tax The Rich So The Government Can Help The Poor Pay Attention

the alternative day, i talked with a left-leaning bernie sanders supporter who disliked clinton and therefore did no longer vote this time around within the 2016 presidential election. he informed me we ought to tax the wealthy to pay for college for each american, to pay for health care of each american and to present a minimal take a look at to every body who did no longer have a process. i smiled and stated; oh honestly and he stated; “yah!”

so, i asked him how plenty did he think all that could cost. he stated; “a lot, however if we tax the wealthy we could pay for it all.” genuinely, i explained to him that there have been many billionaires however if we took “all of their money” it wouldn’t even run our authorities for six-months after which they wouldn’t be wealthy anymore, that they had be as negative as a circle of relatives living inside the initiatives, in order that they wouldn’t have anything to tax subsequent yr to pay. i suggested that perhaps we ought to tax the wealthy so the authorities ought to assist the negative pay extra attention. with out thinking about it, he simply said “yah!”

you notice, he failed to care what the tax become for, he simply wanted to soak the wealthy. i requested him if he realized that rich human beings have been a small minority in america, and that we’d be attacking minorities if we taxed them greater than all of us else. he stated; “who cares, tax the wealthy!” k, so i requested him if he cared about wealthy human beings and he stated; “hell no!” i laughed and i said that become an excellent factor that he failed to care approximately them? he asked me why, and that i informed him due to the fact with talk like that i wager they do not care about you either. he just stopped talking for a second to remember that point.

then he said to me; “the rich have the whole lot.” and, i asked him if he’d want to be rich too, and he stated; “of route” and then i requested him if it’d be okay if i employed the government to return and take all his cash, his residence and belongings. he said, “no” due to the fact he felt that would not be right. i advised him; difficult good fortune, due to the fact next time someone like bernie sanders or hillary clinton runs for workplace i’m able to vote for them to come back take your cash after which supply it to me. he was beginning to see my point, but indignant he’d misplaced the debate. honestly, he lost greater than that, he’d already misplaced his moral excessive ground. think on this.

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